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I am so glad I had your number when I broke down, even more glad you agreed to pick me up so early in the morning

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The team's friendly, easy to work with, good value for money & most of Prompt. Not to mention a great sense of humor


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Scrap Car
Sending your unwanted vehicle for managed disposal and recycling can help to reduce pollution and cut emissions. On-Call Recovery UK will dispose of your unwanted vehicle according to the most recent DVLA and Environment Agency requirements. We will collect your vehicle free of charge within the Birmingham area and will pay from £40 per scrap car. We will fill out all the relevant documentation for you when we come to collect your vehicle so that you don't have to. Our service covers the collection and recycling of cars, bikes and vans and whether they have been involved in an accident, are no longer economical to run or are simply no longer wanted.

You should consider sending your car for scrap if
  • it is no longer cost effective to repair
  • it has failed its MOT
  • it has been badly damaged in an accident
  • or if it is simply no longer wanted

The average lifespan of a car is around 14 years and every year just over 2 million vehicles are scrapped. By recycling your unwanted vehicle you can help cut pollution and reduce emissions. The managed disposal of cars and vehicles that have reached the end of their lifespan can help cut pollution by recycling them for scrap metal and by removing any hazardous parts. Preparing your vehicle for disposal needs to be managed to ensure that environmental standards are met.

On-Call Recovery has a large compound for 24 hour storage at a low cost. Our storage rates start from £12 per night. If you have a vehicle that you want scraped or would like to make enquiries about storing a vehicle in our storage compound, call a member of our team on: 07547 000 287 or email us on: info@on-callrecovery.co.uk. For more information about the services that On-Call Recovery provides to our customers please continue to browse our site. Our contact number for all enquiries is 07547 000 287.
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